Rise of the Good Guys

The Road to Greenest
The Adventure Begins


On the way to start a Heroes For Hire franchise in the growing town of Greenest, our adventurers came upon something very unexpected. Columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures, distant screams, and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over a keep that rises in the center of town. Greenest was being attacked by a dragon!

With great caution, the party of four proceeded to enter the town. Alton Greenbottle, a halfling thief, decided it was best to scout ahead of the party. Up ahead he found two kobolds seeming to guard a small bridge. Signaling his companions in totally nonsensical hand gestures, Alton had decided to go in for the kill. As Alton made his approach, Maria readied her bow. Using expert stealth, Alton was able to slit the first kobold’s throat as an arrow from Maria drove into the other kobold’s head.

To Be Continued…


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